About Us

Spaworks manufacture and market natural skincare products under the SPAWORKS brand using natural ingredients, and contemporary design.

SPAWORKS is a range of natural hair and skincare products formulated from botanicals derived by combining the art of natural therapy with the modern dermatological science.

Aiming to offer our customers a lifestyle of total wellness, SPAWORKS provides quality products and services through its design, innovation, professional retail staff, and worldwide distributors.

Providing the core ingredient for SPAWORKS’s wide range of products is the Vitamin E-rich extracts of rice bran oil deriving from the Oryza sativa, commonly known as rice, that unique staple of Thai subsistence for over five millennia. In addition, SPAWORKS is the first brand to use Nano Shiso extract as a key ingredient for skincare products.

SPAWORKS – Oryza promotes environmentally-friendly products, supports human rights, and is against the use of child labour. In addition to SPAWORKS’s retail presence, which has in recent years expanded into the award redemption and in-flight duty free in airlines industry, the company is also active in the hospitality segment, supplying amenities to 5-star resorts and hotels and airport lounge.

SPAWORKS maintains intimate working relationships with all of its distributors ranging from retail store design, customized marketing plan and strategy to operation and local execution, thus resulting in unrivalled quality distribution in over 20 countries worldwide.